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Create your own digital business card: it is free, “green”, unlimited and mobile

bateman2Price pulls a card from an inside coat pocket and hold it up for their inspection: “PAUL OWEN, PIERCE&PIERCE, MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS.”
Bateman swallows, speechless. The sound in the room dies down and all we hear is a faint heartbeat as Bateman stares at the magnificent card.

If you watched American Psycho, then you’re probably familiar with this famous scene of the movie in which five senior executives of PIERCE&PIERCE play at “who pees the farthest” with their business cards. Very instructive indeed…

Then if you still have doubts on how business cards are important, I’d recommend you to have a look at this website or that blog there. Else you can have a look at this cool variation featuring the excerpt of the movie upper-mentioned

Did you get it now?

YES, business cards, are not only supposed to be useful and provide your clients, audience, friends or potential business partners with your mere contact details. They’re supposed to be creative, cool and unique.

But something “creative, cool and unique” requires some taste, time and money. If only time and money are issues, then you might be interested in creating your very own digital business cards.

But what is the point of making digital business cards?

Well, at least once have you maybe been in a situation in which you ran out of business cards, didn’t have them wih you in your wallet, lost them, couldn’t share them because some contact details/status had changed, or just because your manager decided to cut costs by saving on your business cards as you’re not an “external profile” like sales people, managing directors, project leaders or marketing managers.

Then let’s imagine that after the meeting with your prospect, you decided to write down on a piece of paper your contact details, hopping that the person who’ll read it will be able to decipher your own writing and won’t loose it/throw it in the trash… or maybe you promised you’d return this person an email featuring your contact details ASA you’d be back to your office… in the worst case you decided to stand by this person while he or she was painfully typing all your information in his/her iPhone or blackberry…

Ok, let say that you managed to leave properly all your information to that person. The question is, “what will be his/her feeling or impression on that day you met for the first time?”. I guess not so great.

One solution, is to always keep a scanned copy of your business card (ideally in JPEG to keep in “light”) in your mobile phone, USB stick or laptop so that you never run out of them! The virtual business card you’ll share will be identical to the paper one, and just as quick and easy to distribute! Just send it by Bluetooth or Infrared to your receiver’s mobile device or enclose in an MMS message. And that’s all! You’ll completely forget this bad feeling you used to have when trying to reach out your business cards in the empty pocket of your jacket.

And if you don’t have yet your very own business cards, and that you have a basic knowledge on how to use a photo editor (such as Adobe Photoshop, PhotoFiltre, GIMP or any other), then you might want to create your business card from scratch


If your mobile device is able to synchronize with Lotus Notes or Outlook, then you might be interested in keeping your contact details in a vCard like format to be able to quickly share them whenever the need arises. Not that much design and sexy, but still helpful in the worst case. Else, you can always use E, which is a social networking tool that makes it easy to trade business cards, personal info and automatically connect to each other on most social networking sites. The only downside is that you and the person you’re exchanging your contact details with need to have one of these E dongles. Or you can always just visit the E website and punch in a unique code to swap info there you can share later between mobiles through I just made mine to give it a try. Honestly, really nothing to be soooo excited about.

Or we can always hope that theory will one day meet with reality and that this MelonCard concept by Alan Sien Wei Hshieh will end-up one day in all our wallets…

But remember: It is not only the use you make of it, but also the feelings you want to share through it that count.

my business card

(Holding the card up to the light)
Jesus. This is really super. How’d a nitwit like you get so tasteful?

Bateman stares at his own card and then enviously at Martin’s.

Links: Photofiltre (, GIMP (, Importance of Business Cards (, Cool business card designs (, what else can I do from the business cards that are piling-up in my office drawer? … some Earbud speakers! (, MyNameIsE (


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    A good yet American-Psycho related post – I’m in love with this specific post. Well done buddy !

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