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A Wireless Hotspot For Your Car. Why Not?

Want your very own wireless hotspot to follow you everywhere you drive? Plan a long trip and want to keep your kids busy and quiet updating their online social networks? Well, you’re lucky because UK mobile operator 3 has unveiled its in-car Wi-Fi to offer just that. Continue Reading →

Passive Agressive Wi-Fi Hotspots

Do you have enough of your neighbour stealing your Wi-Fi connection or letting his dog shit on your lawn? Today there is a better solution than suffering silently with your brooding anger: leave your neighbour “a message”! Continue Reading →

Skype Beta Now Available To Nokia S60 Mobile Phones!

And no, we’re not talking about Skype Lite here, but about a real native-code version of Skype which has hit yesterday beta for S60 3.1 and 3.2-based devices. The app supports free Skype-to-Skype calling over 3G or WiFi, instant messaging, and file transfers. The initial set of devices it works with is still limited, but Skype promises that it will grow quickly. You can download here Skype Beta for Symbian v3

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Skype has been expanding its footprint to most of the major smartphone platforms over the last year or so. It was included on the Nokia N97 when the device launched, but lagged behind with no support for Nokia’s main smartphone platform, S60 3rd Edition. Today, Skype announced a beta version of its software for S60 3rd Edition phones.

On the feature side of things, Skype for Symbian supports:

* Free Skype-to-Skype calling
* Call phones with Skype credits or subscription
* Receive calls on your Online Number
* Instant Messaging
* Group conversations
* File sending and receiving

This beta release of Skype for Symbian supports 17 different phones. Skype says the production release is planned to be compatible with a larger number of devices, and is expected in early 2010.

Skype for Symbian supports the following S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 devices: E71, E63, E66, N82, E51, N95, N95 8GB, N81, N81 8GB, and the E90.

Skype for Symbian supports the following S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices: N96, N85, 5320, 6210 Navigator, 6210 Classic, N78, and N79

Remember: Skype for Symbian works over both Wi-Fi and 3G data connections and the application itself is available for free. You won’t have any excuse any more if after that you still manage to blow-up your monthly contract fee and piss-off your banker…


Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World

“Internet access everywhere” or at least in major cities in developed countries, is something we almost take for granted. Wherever we are today, we expect to be able to find this salutary buoy to the outer world, lost in the middle of this ocean of reality (as opposed to virtuality). And finding the right Wifi hot spot (aka free and fast) is the absolute condition to a fun and productive day of work outside of the office.

However it seems that we don’t all compare too well Worldwide. This awesome infographic below shows the internet costs and speeds around the world for the top 20 nations in the ITIF Broadband Rankings.

Average broadband speed and cost WWLD

Number one is, predictably, Japan, where the average broadband speed is 60mbps and they pay $0.27 per 1mbps! It wouldn’t be that nasty to be a mobile worker in the country of the rising sun!

I’m just happy that I’m not living in Mexico or Turkey, where the price of the Internet is literally obscene! I’m though wondering what is the actual monthly fee for 1mbps in China… Probably high too, as expensiveness is even a more effective way than censorship to limit the access of the masses to the Internet.


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10 useful tools and tips to help you (better) work remotely!

a happy teleworkerBeing able to work from (almost) anywhere is not a fiction any more. Technically speaking, we have the ability today to work from absolutely anywhere in the world and stay connected: should that be in the middle of a desert, somewhere over the ocean (or under its surface), or a hundred miles above, in a capsule orbiting around the earth. And as long as you can afford paying for your satellite communications, working from any of those places is not an issue. But in the real business life it would definitely be!

In my world, advertisers, software developers and programmers, PR consultants, lawyers, journalists, salesmen, photographers, analysts, and all those people who can work from anywhere just as much as their office, will use one day (if this has not be done yet) at least one of those technologies or their upgraded versions, to do their job. Once you’ll have managed to convince your boss that working from home is good for you, your productivity and his shareholders, then take a moment to review those 10 useful tips that will make your home working experience, unforgettable!

10 useful tools to help you work remotely Continue Reading →

Understanding the Internet speed

Internet traffic jam

What would be the life of a mobile worker without a decent Internet connection that enables him to work remotely? I’m telling you: a REAL nightmare.

For many years I’ve been working remotely from an incredible number of different places equipped with a WiFi access, should they be hotels, airports, coffee shops, fast foods, museums, streets, friends’ places, ships, etc. and all those experiences I lived taught me one thing: we can never be sure in advance of what we get in terms of Internet connexion speed. The only way to know how good a connexion is, is simply to try it. Continue Reading →

seen in the news: happy like a gummibear in a microwave

[singlepic id=137 w=150 h=150 float=right]I’m not sure what to think about this article I read today on BBC News. Even the title scared me:  “anti-Wi-Fi paint keeps your wireless signal to yourself.  I’m myself a fan of technology and innovations which can help us improve our every day’s life. However I don’t know if this anti wi-fi paint really “offers security” as stated by the BBC. Continue Reading →