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tweetting with my feet


You’ve MySpaced, Facebooked, Plurked, and Tumblred. Tweeting your life in 140 characters or less was only the next logical move. But if all this public posturing still rates as undersharing, take heart: You can now microblog with every step you take. Continue Reading →

Coffee break: a cookie friendly cup holder

One dilemma we  sometimes face when we’re having one cup of our favourite coffee or tea (in one hand) while browsing the Internet at the same time (with the other hand) is how to also have a bite of this delicious cookie (or brownie, or whatever sweet cake or biscuit) or a smoke of your cigarette – which by the way is much less healthy than this 464kCal cookie. But unless a third arm grows overnight, you won’t be able to perform those three tasks at the same time…

… until today! Thanks to this Clean Cup holder by Dmitry Boyko, you’ll always be able to do some multi-tasking even during your coffee break!

[nggallery id=36]

According to Long Tran of Yanko Design, the “Clean Cup holder slides onto most disposable cups instantly turning them into a proper mug. You can even write on the neck so people know what you’re drinking and who it belongs to.”

A cool design that somehow reminds me of Joe Colombo’s ‘smoke glass’ (1964). Only a strange coincidence, I guess.

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Every designers’ dirty little secret is that they copy other designers’ work. They see work they like, and they imitate it. Rather cheekily, they call this inspiration.

— Aaron Russell

Extreme tip of the day: Pack a Gun to Protect Valuables from Airline Theft or Loss [Air Travel Tip]


If you’re reading this blog, this might be because you are also sharing our philosophy of living the life of a Digital Nomad. Or not… but you’re at least interested in news about cool gizmos, mobility oriented design, hot news on mobility or travelling tips like the one of today.


Though at first I found this tip a little bit too extreme (maybe because of the fact that I’m a European who is not familiar with this kind of practice and the idea of owning a firearm – and less of carrying it with me in my suitcase!), I then realized after reading this article by Jason Fitzpatrick of Lifehacker, that this was not such a bad idea, all the more so as the word “weapon” extends to airguns, and STARTER PISTOL and that this is fully covered by the regulations of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), or better said, legal.


Until you’ve yourself experienced this pain in the neck situation of having your luggage lost by the airline you flew with, which is even worse when it happens to you on your way to your holiday destination (or can turn into a nightmare when you were planning to spend two weeks skiing in Vancouver or Vail…) you can’t understand why this tip is actually very helpful.


Personally I flew three times with Delta Airlines (twice to New York City, once to Mexico City), and I got my luggage lost every single time. Bad luck? I don’t know, but this makes me now believe that I have 100% chances to lose again my suitcase when I’ll fly with this Airline. So if I have a chance to make the risk drop to.. 0% I’ll take it!


Read the full article on how to take advantage of the TSA’s own security rules to prevent your bags from being lost or looted by airline/airport workers


If you want more crazy stories about bad ass airlines and if you can read Spanish (or at least use Google Translate, but as usual this may spoil the quality of the professional-like writing), you should read this story which happened to a friend of mine on his way back to Mexico. It’s really well written and worth the ride.


Passive Agressive Wi-Fi Hotspots

Do you have enough of your neighbour stealing your Wi-Fi connection or letting his dog shit on your lawn? Today there is a better solution than suffering silently with your brooding anger: leave your neighbour “a message”! Continue Reading →

Picture of the week: How Much Data Do Americans Consume Each Day?

According to research from the University of California at San Diego—which has been transformed into this awesome accompanying graphic illustration by the artist Rob Vargas for Fast Company—Americans consume 3.6 zettabytes per day. Literally mind blowing…

Picture of the day - upswing_data_consumption6202

Here’s a bit of the executive summary of the report:

In 2008, Americans consumed information for about 1.3 trillion hours, an average of almost 12 hours per day. Consumption totaled 3.6 zettabytes and 10,845 trillion words, corresponding to 100,500 words and 34 gigabytes for an average person on an average day. A zettabyte is 10 to the 21st power bytes, a million million gigabytes. These estimates are from an analysis of more than 20 different sources of information, from very old to very new . Information at work is not included. We defined “information” as flows of data delivered to people and we measured the bytes, words, and hours of consumer information. Video sources dominate bytes of information, with 1.3 zettabytes from television and approximately 2 zettabytes of computer games. If hours or words are used as the measurement, information sources are more widely distributed, with substantial amounts from radio, Internet browsing, and others. All of our results are estimates.

I wonder if this research could be extended to determine the total amount of information communicated and consumed in human history… Via Neatorama.

Use Better Tools to Be a Better Student in 2010 [by Lifehacker]

Since we are aware at 52nd & west that many of our readers are still students or some wise people who decided to resume their studies should that be to start an MBA or finally undertake the course they’ve always dreamed of, we decided to share with you this comprehensive review made By Jason Fitzpatrick of Lifehacker on what are the must have tools and habits to be a “better” student in 2010.

Enjoy the ride. Continue Reading →

The ultimate mobile office ?

Well … looks like a science fiction device … but it’s rather convicing I must say.

iPhone + laser keyboard + wireless mouse = a perfect mobile desktop !

Ok, the iPhone definitely seems too small to work correctly, and the laser keyboard is really not the best typing device ever … but I really like the idea :) Plus, the technical work is pretty impressive …

Maybe someday …